Boothbay Paddle Company – by Boothbay Region High School students

23 November 2015
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The Boothbay Paddle Company was formed by the Making and Marketing Class at Boothbay Region High School. The company produces innovative canoe paddles.

The Making and Marketing class, made up of 17 students, has created the Boothbay Region Paddle Company under the guidance of Mr. Chip Schwehm and Mrs. Barbara Greenstone. This class gives students the opportunity to experience a real work environment. Students have learned how to budget a company, choose reliable materials, manufacture a product, and market it in an effective way. We have five departments: Marketing, Finance, Design and Engineer, and Production. Each department worked separately, meeting with the entire company a few times a week to discuss their accomplishments. Every part of each paddle is built by the students of BRHS. The orders are processed, the product is marketed, the assembly line is created, all by these 17 ambitious students.

About the Canoe Paddles: The paddle shaft has a 14° angle to make paddling more efficient. They are created with a carbon fiber blade and an ash wood shaft.


Photograph: Courtesy of the Boothbay Paddle Company



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