Help keep Arctic Schooner BOWDOIN active, seaworthy, and historically preserved!

23 November 2015
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Currently licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard BOWDOIN is a fully certified sailing school vessel and passenger vessel and benefits both Maine Maritime Academy students and the public at large.

Today, Bowdoin remains true to her deep maritime roots, acting as the key training ship for the men and women in MMA’s Vessel Operations and Technology (VOT) undergraduate program and the Small Vessel Operations (SVO) undergraduate program. The Bowdoin also serves as the training platform for MMA’s Sail Training Minor. As a traditional sailing vessel, Bowdoin provides every aspect of seamanship in its purest and most demanding form as well as the finest hands-on education there is for a career at sea.

Bowdoin centennial CampaignMaine Maritime Academy

When not in use for MMA’s training purposes, Bowdoin’s popularity and historical charm keep her calendar brimming with public and private tours, appearances, and excursions.

For now and years to come, Castine, Maine will remain Bowdoin’s home port. One thing is for certain: future generations of mariners, scientists, and explorers will sail and train upon Bowdoin because of your generosity.

The Maine Maritime Academy invites you to help keep her story alive by supporting the Bowdoin Centennial Campaign.


(Sources: Maine Maritime Academy)



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