Maiden Voyage of Maine Sail Freight Now Underway!

24 August 2015
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This summer, young farmers are taking to the seas— shipping 11 tons of Maine-grown cargo and organic food to Boston by ship!

The maiden voyage of Maine Sail Freight from Maine to Boston began August 23 in the historic North Haven thoroughfare and will continue loading in Portland on August 27, arriving in Boston Harbor on August 29.

Maine Sail Freight is supported by The Greenhorns, a non-traditional grassroots non-profit organization made up of young farmers and a diversity of collaborators. The mission of the organization is to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers. The non-profit produces avant-garde programming, video, audio, web content, publications, events, and art projects that increase the odds for success and enhance the profile and social lives of America’s young farmers.

The Greenhorns is deeply committed to the rebuilding of rural economies through sustainable agriculture, to small business entrepreneurship, and to teamwork.


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