Raft Up: Annual Windjammer Festival in Camden This Weekend!

1 September 2015
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On September 4th through 6th, come celebrate Camden’s maritime heritage and living traditions as part of the Camden Windjammer Festival.

During the 19th century Camden's harbor was full of schooners, sloops, and scows year-round—so much so that Camden has been called the windjammer capital of the world.

Over a century later, the love and preservation of these sailing ships continues year-round, culminating each year with the Camden Windjammer Festival every Labor Day weekend.

As always, the festival kicks off with the arrival of the majestic windjammers, followed by a wide range of activities including a heritage fair, an auction, road and sea races, and concerts and dances. On the last day of the Windjammer Festival, don't miss the pageantry of the All Comers Boat Parade.

Photo by Andre Albert


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